Shall NOT Be Infringed (2A)

With the tragic school shootings of 2018 across the country and the attempted massacre at a family restaurant in Oklahoma City, many people are calling for so-called “common sense gun legislation.” This might sound reasonable and moderate with good intentions, but under its disguise is an assault on the Bill of Rights, particularly, of course, the 2nd Amendment.

Let’s read the 2nd Amendment word for word:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

When you read the Constitution in context it is quite clear and leaves little to no room for misinterpretation. That is part of the genius of Jefferson and Madison. A well regulated militia means a trained and organized group made up of individual gun owners. Militia means people with guns working together for the good of others and for one another. You have likely heard the statement that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with better aim. That is exactly what “a well regulated militia” means. It does not mean a government-owned or operated organization with weapons such as the police. It means citizens like you and me.

Then it goes on to say this is necessary for the security of a free State, which means for the security of people who value liberty in a community or association or nation such as America. It’s necessary for any group or place that values security AND freedom, not security at any cost. The right of the people to keep and bear arms obviously means you and I have the right to our guns and other weapons. When it says “people” it means people. It does not mean State Troopers or the National Guard. It does not mean only adults 21 years and older. It does not mean only in your own home. It certainly does not mean only with the government’s approval after you pass a government course in gun safety and after you pay the government a licensing fee (tax on your right). It means all people anywhere with the expectation that they are responsible and accountable to the people around them.

The fact that in America 18 years old adults can be trusted to use guns to fight for our country but in some states they aren’t allowed to own guns in our country is completely abhorrent and an affront to the 2nd Amendment. They are allowed to die overseas defending us but they aren’t allowed to defend their fellow students during a school shooting. The fact that most public schools do not allow guns on campus unless you are a law enforcement officer is a massive disgrace. I wonder how many lives of kids could have been saved so far in 2018 if teachers, custodians and even high school seniors were allowed to carry on school property.

But wait, there’s an exclamatory command at the end of the 2nd Amendment. It says this right SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Be infringed by who? Anyone… including the state, the military, law enforcement, etc. The only time this rule can bend is when an individual or private organization or business says they do not want guns in their establishment or home. You then have the right to not enter or to submit your right to theirs since they are private property owners. It can also reasonably bend, in my opinion, if in front of a court and jury of peers it is decided the individual is a safety risk to the public. Then one’s right to bear arms must submit to the decision of their peers based on the evidence. As for when a gun owner is on public property, the right to own and carry guns must NOT be revoked or restricted. The government belongs to the people and so the government is public property. It should not setup rules on its property that contradicts our rights. It should not tell individuals what kind of guns you can own and how many. It should not force you to buy a license in order to own a gun. Yet that is not the America we live in today. Even in our conservative state of Oklahoma, our gun rights are infringed upon year after year. (See this article from News on 6 – Oklahoma.)

There are other issues at play in our culture of violence such as mental health, prescription drugs, and parental rights. However, this post is dedicated to saying one thing: The 2nd Amendment is necessary to a free people and a safe society. IT SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. I believe if more people exercised their right to bear arms there would be less violence in America, not more. If I have the honor of serving you in the House of Representatives I will always act to defend and assert your freedom to own, carry, and operate guns in the United States of America.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will share this with the people you know.

For life and liberty,

– Richard

Grove, Oklahoma

Pastor/Libertarian Candidate for Congress OK-CD2

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