Respect for Richard

”We are proud to support Richard Castaldo for Congress. He will honor his commitment to defend the rights of patients, growers and shops in the cannabis community.”   - Afton OK

Trucker NationTrucker Nation

“Richard Castaldo wants to protect the rights of Oklahoma truckers and relieve us from burdensome, costly and unnecessary regulations. You can confidently vote Castaldo for Congress.”

Oklahoma 2nd Amendment AssociationOklahoma 2nd Amendment Association

“Candidate for US District #2 House of Representatives, Richard Castaldo, received an “A” on his Survey from the OK2A!”


“Oklahoma is ready to reject business-as-usual. Richard Castaldo will be a strong voice for change in Congress. I endorse Castaldo for Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional district.”   - Gov. William Weld

The Ekklesia of OklahomaThe Ekklesia of Oklahoma

“The Ekklesia of Oklahoma is honored to publicly endorse Richard Castaldo for representing Christian - Conservative values and principles. We encourage all Christ followers to prayerfully consider voting for Richard Castaldo for Congress in November.”

“Richard Castaldo will protect cannabis rights and users from discrimination. He definitely has my full endorsement!”   - Little Axe OK (cannabis activist)

Joy MolinaJoy Molina

“I encourage everyone to vote for Richard Castaldo in District 2.”  - Bartlesville OK

Kasha FromeyerKasha Fromeyer

“We support Richard! We want to wear the Castaldo For Congress t-shirts if you can send us some. Thank you!”  - Miami OK

Erin AdamsErin Adams

”Richard is by far the best choice for OK-2. If I lived there I would vote for him over Mullin.”  - Stillwater OK (10/21/18), Chair of the OKLP

”You and I have such faith that freedom is our future, we are both on fire with it. I know it is spreading. You keep up the good work!”  - Billings MT

George HoosGeorge Hoos

“My wife & I are moved to our new address. Richard Castaldo just gained 2 votes!”  - Muskogee OK

Paul MareanPaul Marean

“I am so mad at MWM. I have asked him for help with the Talihina VA and I’ve had no appropriate responses from him at all. I am telling all my friends to vote for you. I just want that sneaky guy out. Now he has been campaigning on the back of Trump which is BS! He is not honest and though I know you won’t win I’m voting for you, Richard. Thank you.”  - Hartshorne OK

Summer TreeceSummer Treece

”I am to ready to vote and I’ll be voting for you, Richard.”  - Grove OK

Jacob MorrisonJacob Morrison

”I’d like a yard sign. I am voting for you Mr. Castaldo in November!”  - Durant OK

Mary Jo McCauleyMary Jo McCauley

“Richard, I will vote for you. Fed up with Mullin and appreciate what you stand for. I had supported Jarrin Jackson in the Republican primary.”  - Checotah OK

Matt DarnellMatt Darnell

“Hey saw your post that you had shirts in! David Woodward was telling me all about you and what set you apart from the other candidates! Wanted to see if I could get one please? I am up here in the Rogers County area of CD2.”   - Claremore OK

Jess PalastakoJess Palastako

”I already have my ballot and I am so excited to vote for you!”  - Tulsa OK

Stacy TiptonStacy Tipton

”I wanted to let you know that Mullin sickens me. I support you for Congress.”   - Council Hill OK

Steve LongSteve Long

”Republicans like to talk the smaller government game but in reality, it's just lip service. The current Congressman for District 2 is indicative of that. Richard is a candidate that I believe is truly for less government interference in our lives. I don't live in his district but if I did, he would have my vote and I fully support his campaign."  - OK

John FrasureJohn Frasure

”Appreciate you standing up for medical cannabis. I will absoluetly wear your t-shirt. Thank you.”   - Norman OK (Activist & board member of Oklahomans for Health)

Brent SharpnackBrent Sharpnack

“You are absolutely the BEST on the 2nd Amendment and that’s what matters most to me. I am voting for you on November 6.”    - Tahlequah OK

Malinda HaliburtonMalinda Haliburton

”I’m definitely voting for you now that I know I can. Markwayne Mullin is not for the people in my opinion... I got you Mr. Castaldo. You are the best for OK2.”   - Muskogee OK (Democrat & cannabis activist)

Cortinne MillerCortinne Miller

”I am proud to vote for you Richard and will tell everyone I know who the best candidate for Congress is.”  - Miami OK

"Thank you, Richard, for appreciating civility and integrity in politics. I hope to have the opportunity to continue a conversation with Oklahomans on how to move us all forward. Either way, stay involved and follow your convictions."

Chad WilliamsChad Williams

"Richard is a passionate, dedicated, liberty loving man who has integrity, something that has been missing from DC for a long time. It's time we put someone in Congress who will fight to reduce government, not grow it."   - Choctaw OK  (Chair at Oklahoma County Libertarian Party; Treasurer at Oklahoma Libertarian Party; Campaign Manager for William Cagle for HD84)

Chelsea Gurley EdwardsChelsea Gurley Edwards

"Hello, my dear friend, and congratulations on your candidacy!!"   - Tulsa OK

Valerie Widowski BezotteValerie Widowski Bezotte

"Loved your 788 post, you seem like my type of guy. Please keep working to make Oklahoma less hostile to cannabis, especially for medical use. You have my vote!"   - Idabel OK

Angie DawnAngie Dawn

"I endorse you, Richard. Wish I lived across the border so I could vote for you. I'll tell my friends there though!"   - Joplin MO

"Richard is the kind of guy that would make me trust in political leadership. He is on the journey to become the person God is creating him to be. He knows that we are all on the journey to becoming our true-selves. He will lead us in that direction. He'll also kick ass."   - Indianapolis IN (

Luke DahlerLuke Dahler

"I'll support you however I can! You’re the only candidate in OK2 standing for liberty, the Constitution, and integrity.”

David WoodwardDavid Woodward

"I supported Brian Jackson and Gary Richardson in the primary and now I'm supporting Richard Castaldo for Congress in the general election. I trust he will stop my tax dollars from funding abortion."   - Tahlequah OK

Jimmy Niles GrinerJimmy Niles Griner

"I saw your billboard as I was leaving Tahlequah today. You already had my vote but it looks great."    - Miami OK

Grove OKGrove OK

"Seeing your name around town and watching you run for Congress is like a inspiration to me. I can actually go for my dreams even here in Grove where everything is against me. And seeing your sign by the school that says your life matters is like you coming in person to tell us we matter. To be honest, I need that. I used to be a cutter and thought no one cares. Thank you Richard. Good luck sir." - D.

Katrina BlackKatrina Black

“I hope you are elected and when you are please don’t forget about your Native American constituents who need representation in Congress too.”   - Talihina OK

Joshua DialJoshua Dial

”On November 6th I encourage everyone in Congressional district 2 to vote for my good friend Richard M. Castaldo. I’m confident that if elected he can help #fixthisshit.”   - Stilwell OK (atheist & liberty advocate.)

Pastor Wesley SchoelPastor Wesley Schoel

“I know Richard Castaldo to be a man of integrity and one who stands for his values. Some might define him as someone who isn't afraid to go outside the box of commonly held thought. I believe that's what makes him strong and unique. He consistently challenges ‘that which is,’ in search of ‘that which could be.’”   - Jacksonville FL  (Christian Pastor/Missionary with Equip Them Ministries)

Kaylynn BakerKaylynn Baker

”We’re so happy to support you!”    - Afton OK

“I’m glad to see the Libertarian Party is taking off here in Oklahoma, but it’s a shame I’m not in your district. Thank you for what you’re doing. I wish the best of luck to you and your campaign in district #2.”     - Oklahoma

“Wishing you all the best in your election!”  (Twitter)

Demarcus SparksDemarcus Sparks

”Do I sense another Libertarian? I hope Oklahoma votes for you, I wish I could!”   - Colleyville TX

Olivia DentonOlivia DentonBuy a t-shirt!

“Richard Castaldo has the right perspective on things. He knows that government is more often the problem, not the solution. He knows that people can be trusted more than government thinks. We need this perspective to lead the decisions being made by our Representatives. I hope you will join me in supporting Castaldo for Congress! I’m getting a t-shirt today so everyone knows I’m proud to support Richard.”   - Okmulgee OK

Harold NighthawkHarold Nighthawk

“I have been looking at the platforms from all the candidates and yours is by far the most detailed and transparent. Even though I disagree with you on some of your beliefs, I have much respect for your principled and honest campaign. I look forward to voting for you. I supported Mullin the last two go rounds, but he has worn out his welcome. He really hasn’t done much for Oklahoma. Best of luck to you Richard.”    - McAlester OK

Cameron Murphy & Jordan BowersCameron Murphy & Jordan Bowers

“Hey Richard, keep going. We need someone to get the government to stop messing up people’s lives. It’s always a mess. Just look at what they’re doing to 788 when it’s what the people wanted! We want you. We’re both voting for you sir!”    - Eucha OK

Katherine P. Mitchell-AdamsKatherine P. Mitchell-Adams

“You’re a great man and I’m looking forward to following your campaign. We’re thinking and praying for you!”     - Grove OK

Deann StoremskiDeann Storemski

“You have definite support from me. You have great values, Richard. Always keep those.”   - Harrah OK

Nichole BellieuNichole Bellieu

“You have my support! I believe people should be free to do what they want.”   - Claremore OK

Robert StockRobert Stock

"I wish I could vote for you but unfortunately I do not live in your district. However, I wholeheartedly endorse Richard Castaldo for Congress."   - El Reno OK

Erick P. WyattErick P. Wyatt

"We've got to keep the socialist Jason Nichols out of Congress! I'd endorse you if I didn't think it would hurt your chances. Best of luck!"    - Kingston OK  (U.S. Army Retired, Republican, & Oklahoma political activist)

William Trapper CharboneauWilliam Trapper Charboneau

"You've got my support!"    - Tulsa OK

Brian D. MaseBrian D. Mase

"Richard Castaldo is the one candidate that will ensure smaller less intrusive government. I wholeheartedly support him against our establishment big government congressman, who has broken too many promises. I believe Richard to be a man of principal who will do what he says and represent us instead of a party. Sincerely, Brian D. Mase"    - Inola OK

Juan Martinez IIIJuan Martinez III

"Richard is a great father, a man of Christ and a wonderful friend. This is a man deserving of recognition and great respect. Richard deviates from the status quo of politics and brings about a more relatable, reasonable and intelligent approach to the political system that is a part of us all. Truly, this is a man who is unwilling to hide away the truth and will go about doing what is right even in the face of an overwhelming opposition. Not only this, but Richard is a man of God and his sincerity for people shows greatly. There are few people that I’ve met that share the unique, intelligent and sincere characteristics of a man such as Richard. This is a man fitting for a role as a leader, and with this said, I endorse Richard fully and I truly believe that this is a man fitting for leadership without a doubt. God Bless you brother."

Merissa HamiltonMerissa Hamilton4 Life & Liberty

"Your platform and principles are great!"    - Chino Valley AZ  (Family advocate and activist)

AJ BlendenAJ Blenden

"I support you too! Whatever you need."   - Ponca City OK

Jennifer RalstonJennifer Ralston

"Richard Castaldo has my vote 100%. He is for the people, and has common sense. Exactly what we need!!"    - Alva OK

Rose Mary HendersonRose Mary Henderson

"You will by far make the best Congressman we've had in a very long time. And the added bonus that you are a Grove Ridgerunner is wonderful! You have my vote and my time in volunteering for your campaign Richard."     - Grove OK

Pepper DavisPepper Davis

"Richard M. Castaldo, you are a statesman not a politician, that is why they attack. They want people who compromise and use delicate words that tickle the ears. Be encouraged! We support you."


Dominque Damon Block Sr.Dominque Damon Block Sr.

"Richard Castaldo, you are our last hope for Oklahoma Congressional District 2! You have my full support and endorsement! Good luck in November!"  - Oklahoma City OK  (CEO & former Conservative candidate for Oklahoma Lt. Gov)

"Thanks Richard! The honor will be all mine (if that is the will of the voters today). Thank you for being able to make the distinction between ideology and integrity."    - Tahlequah OK (Democrat candidate for Congress OK-2)

David Leo SchultzDavid Leo SchultzDirector on Ragamuffin TV
"Richard is a Ragamuffin. He talks straight. He's genuine. And he's rough around the edges. He's not like the fine-polished people you usually see in politics. I know that his compassionate heart and deep-thinking would benefit us all in Washington DC, but especially the people of CD2 in Oklahoma. I hope you will vote for Richard Castaldo this year. Send him to Congress and you won't be disappointed. Best of luck Richard!"   - Los Angeles CA (Comedian, Director of Ragamuffin & Brennan)
Rubin Jake WellsRubin Jake Wells

"Richard is devoted to God, family, and your freedom. He is motivated to find a better alternative to the mess we have of teacher pay, education, prison reform, and other issues through better means than raising taxes. He is here for you. Unlike any other politician who ignores emails, messages, phone calls, Richard will respond back to you. A man not only on fire for the Lord but who is on fire for all of your rights all of the time, without taking anyone else's rights away."   - Ardmore OK

"I am proud to endorse Richard M. Castaldo for Congressional District 2 of Oklahoma. He is a man of faith, integrity, and deep concern for the individuals of this country; all individuals! I’ve seldom seen anyone as passionately dedicated to fighting for the freedoms that belong to the individuals, families, businesses, and faiths that make up our great country. Richard is not beholden to lobbyists, political parties, political favors, corporations, etc. but rather to his deep conviction that every individual has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without government trying to dictate what that should or should not look like. I am confident that he will work for you and the betterment of your life and not for his political career. This country needs people like Richard M. Castaldo to represent it! Do your part and fight for your own freedoms by voting for Richard Castaldo!"   - Portage MI (Author, Evangelist, & Pastor of The Glory Center)

Dakota BogueDakota Bogue

"I got some of your pamphlets from my good friend a couple houses down from me. I like what you're doing man. Keep it up!"   - Grove OK

Amanda JohnsonAmanda Johnson

"You and Kathy have been such great friends to us and have done so much for our family. You know you have our votes and if there's anything you can send we'll hand it out for you. Love you Richard!"   - Jay OK

Robin LandersRobin Landers

"I know you'll do great. You have my support Richard!"   - Prague OK

James HarrisonJames Harrison

"Fellow Oklahomans in House District 2, you have a third and better option! His name is Richard Castaldo.  #CastaldoForCongress Vote smart and chose Richard M. Castaldo!"   - Oklahoma City OK

Johnny BrightJohnny Bright

"I've known Richard M. Castaldo for a while now. I have seen him go to bat for his friends, beliefs, and principles. I honestly believe he would be our best option for US Congress. We need more candidates of integrity like Richard. He has my enthusiastic and unconditional support."    - Choctaw OK

Jeremy CastaldoJeremy Castaldo

"I can say with total confidence that no one will fight more for what they believe in than Richard Castaldo. He won't be bullied, bribed, or pushed away from what he plans to do and accomplish for Congressional District 2 of Oklahoma. He doesn't play the political game, no hidden agendas or false promises, so you know exactly what you are voting for when you cast one his way."    - Mayflower AR (Musician, Teacher, & Brother to Richard)

Roger WoodwardRoger Woodward

"I'm sure I remember meeting and visiting with you at the OKLP convention in Seminole. I've been keeping up with your points and responses on Facebook and I would be honored to support you and your freedom minded beliefs as you run for Congress."   - Park Hill OK

Nickolas WildstarNickolas Wildstar

"We support liberty, no matter the state. Keep on fighting for Richard! He is an authentic individual and an excellent candidate we can all be proud of across the country."   - Placentia CA (Political Activist & Libertarian Candidate for CA Governor)

Jessica SappJessica Sapp

"You definitely have my vote!"   - Oklahoma

Pastor Kyle ButlerPastor Kyle Butler

"Richard Castaldo has a heart which reaches to all people. He understands that everyone matters, everyone is important and everyone has a voice. Richard Castaldo wants what you want - to live life happily and to be free. I’m proud to say that Richard has my support. Let’s shake things up in Washington with someone who has a heart and voice for all."   - Paterson NJ (New Beginning Ministries)

Joshua SmithJoshua Smith

"When I showed up to the Oklahoma State Libertarian Convention, I was asked to chair the convention on 15 moments notice. I was treated with respect and hospitality, and I certainly appreciated it. One of the people that made me feel at home was Richard M. Castaldo. In getting to talk with him, I found out he was running for US Congress, and I realized he was a solid Libertarian who would be fighting for the liberty of all people. I fully endorse Richard for US Congress. He would be a great choice for OK. Message him to find out how you can help!"   - Beaverton OR (Candidate for LNC Chair 2018)

Traci BakerTraci Baker

"Richard Castaldo is by far the best option for liberty lovers in CD2, and I am proud to endorse him for United States Congress."   - Norman OK (Secretary for Libertarian Party of Oklahoma)

"After interviewing Richard M. Castaldo on Political T&T and going over the things he stands for, I am endorsing him for US Congress! Listen to Political T&T's interview with Richard at Blog Talk Radio or click here."    - Bearden OK (Oklahoma TomCat)

Dr. John Yeutter, Ph.DDr. John Yeutter, Ph.D

“Richard Castaldo has a proven record of public service and dedication to the cause of liberty and freedom. He’ll make a great 2nd District Congressman, because he is best prepared to fight for our freedom.”   - Tahlequah OK (CFP®, C.P.A.,  & LP Candidate for State Auditor 2018)

Brian Jackson, Ph.D.Brian Jackson, Ph.D.

“(Richard) is the Libertarian candidate for the Second Congressional District seat. It looks like he and I share the same values. He will be on the November ballot. We may, or may not be. At any rate, the Second District would do well to put a man like Richard in Washington.”   - Muskogee OK (GOP Candidate for Congress OK-2)

Kevin HeldermonKevin Heldermon

“I’ve known and watched Richard for about three years now. He is liberty-oriented, supports freedom (with all of it’s inherent responsibilities), is fiscally conservative, and possesses a trait that is severely lacking in most of today’s politicians– integrity.”    - Stilwell OK

“Richard has impressed me as a man of deep and abiding faith that greatly informs his commitment to individual liberty for all, including those who hold other, or no, religious beliefs.  I know that Richard would carry that dedication to protecting the rights of all people to Congress to represent the people of Oklahoma’s second district.  His is exactly the sort of voice for greater freedom and less power in the hands of politicians that we need in our nation’s capital.”   - Oklahoma City OK (former chair, OK LP & LP Candidate for Governor 2018)

Kathy CastaldoKathy Castaldo

“As Richard’s wife and fellow libertarian I can say without a doubt that Richie is one of the most authentic and gracious people I know. He is a champion for liberty and will fight everyday to make sure your rights are protected and your voice is heard. As a man of integrity and perseverance he will work tirelessly to listen to your concerns, celebrate your successes, and restore your freedom. Richard is the right man to represent district 2 in Congress! I believe in him 100% and you should too!”    - Grove OK (R.N. & wife to Richard)

Ashley EppersonAshley Epperson

“Richard, I will be voting for you this November because I believe you will stand up for God and family. I have seen how tirelessly you have worked in our community to help others and their benefit from your care and compassion. I can think of no one better suited for the job, and believe you will be an honest, hardworking Congressman for the people."   - Grove OK

“Richard is one of the most upstanding, thoughtful, and solutions-driven people I call friend and that I have met in my Libertarian journey. I have every confidence that he will stay true to his principles and forward a strong message of leadership and good stewardship. Voting for Richard Castaldo is a vote for yourself.”   - Broken Arrow OK (LP Candidate for Oklahoma Governor 2018)

Leigh ThomasLeigh Thomas

“Richard is a fine example of the values and ethics we need in our government. Those qualities seem to have gone by the wayside, so when we get a chance to vote them back in, we should grab hold of the opportunity with all our might!”   - Vinita OK

“A lot of good people get involved in politics and have the best intentions but end up becoming part of the problem. Richard is a good person who won’t rest until he does all he can to fix that problem! If you like the status quo in Washington DC then Richard Castaldo probably isn’t for you. If you want to see actual change then I’d urge you to vote for for a man who won’t rest until he does all he can to fight for our individual liberty. Vote Richard Castaldo!”