On to November 2018

Now that the exciting Oklahoma primary of 2018 is over and the ballots have been counted, it is time to press on to November 6th with BOLD Libertarian principles and COURAGEOUS liberty-centered solutions to the problems facing Oklahoma and the USA. We do have serious problems that need to be addressed with clarity.

Whether you support President Donald Trump or not, there have been both successes and failures in his first term so far. What is more important to me is how miserably Congress has failed. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate, with Republican majorities, have continued to spend our country into oblivion. They have failed to audit the Federal Reserve. They have failed to protect the right to privacy. They have failed to end foreign interventionism and to end unconstitutional conflicts. They have failed to care for our preborn and our veterans. They have failed to act on compassionate immigration reform and security. The have failed to act on serious criminal justice reform including the end of the death penalty and the prevention of prosecution for victimless “illegal” offenses. They have created more and more legislation, building a Tower of Babel, as they try to reach for more power. They repeatedly fight with one another on trivial matters while not taking you and me seriously. That is why I say it is time they remember that YOUR life matters. Your liberty matters. Your paycheck matters. Your education matters. Your healthcare matters. Your values matter. Your safety matters. Your farm, ranch, and business matter!

We must quit squabbling over Russian interference, marital affairs in the President’s past, and who is the biggest and more powerful of the two major parties. It is like two wolves trying to prove who is more concerned with the people with the irony being that neither party realizes they too are a wolf and they are devouring the Bill of Rights, individual liberty, peace, and civility in our American society.

We have had Democrats praise a restaurant for refusing service to a Trump Administration official while condemning the Supreme Court’s decision to allow a baker his religious liberty. We have had Republicans criticize and protest the restaurant for refusing service to this official while praising the Supreme Court’s decision. There is hypocrisy all around!

The ONLY solution is liberty. I mean that with all my heart. You and I are not going to agree on everything. There will be times that I piss you off and there will be times I feel like telling you off. There will be times you cheer for me and times when we both get fed up with politics.

But we must press on to November 6th. As I work to earn your trust I hope you will keep an open mind, follow my campaign, subscribe to my articles, follow on social media, come say hello when I visit your county, and let’s work together to make sure we make the most of this opportunity.

Let’s remind Washington D.C. that your life matters by sending the first Libertarian to Congress! It’s time.