Concerning Our Kids

The following is my platform concerning our kids and families.

  • I believe passionately in parental rights and want to act to remove government intervention from good parenting & decisions. Too often government agencies are taking kids from good parents who broke silly laws, but are not investigating the cases of real child endangerment.
  • I believe in lifting adoption restrictions so that private adoption agencies can make their own policies, including the ability to place kids in good families regardless of financial means or sexual orientation. However, violent criminal offenders and those with child endangerment or abuse records must be prevented from adopting.
  • LGBTQ+ children should receive the same respect and opportunities as heterosexual children. They have inherent dignity and should not be punished for their sexual identities. I also do not believe anyone under 18 yrs. old should receive government-sponsored sex-change surgeries, but they should also not be forced by government entities into gender roles that are contrary to their instincts.
  • I believe families should stay together including undocumented immigrants and parents convicted of non-violent offenses, especially where there was no identifiable victim besides the state itself.
  • I believe kids should receive the best in mental healthcare regardless of financial means and private charity should be unleashed from bureaucracy & red tape to help provide it.
  • I believe in privatizing education as much as possible including abolishing the federal Department of Education. Education is best when it remains the responsibility of those closest to the child, including parents first and then the community.
  • Homeschooling is the BEST opportunity for kids to learn and grow. It should be encouraged, not restricted by government (state or federal), and parents should be allowed to create their own curriculum and standards. Stop criminalizing homeschooling!
  • Sex trafficking is a very serious crime that is violent in nature and should be treated as such by Oklahoma and federal law enforcement even when the child says it is consensual.
  • I believe in the 2A & that open carry should be the law of the land. This includes teachers & students, at least 16 yrs. old and up. Guns aren’t the problem. The violence is derived from broken families and broken minds in need of care and attention, both medical care and committed mentorship.
  • I am pro-life. I believe life starts at conception and the preborn have the same rights to life and liberty as postborn individuals. Planned parenthood should never receive tax credits or funds & states should be allowed to pass legislation that protects all life regardless of the Supreme Court’s decisions.
  • Religious leaders, such as youth pastors, and teachers of both private and public schools should not be held responsible for the criminal offenses that occur during their supervision unless they were directly involved, witnessed the offense without stopping it, or encouraged the illegal activity. Negligence in such circumstances should not be prosecuted as a criminal act, but can be punished by civil suits and society.
  • Kids cannot give sexual consent until they turn 18 years old, except where states have set other reasonable policies.
  • Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation. It is a mental and sexual disease that places the public in danger.
  • Marriage should be a private contract and government should have no authority over it. Also, divorce is a tragic reality, but should be a rare occurrence, especially when children are involved. It is a private decision where again government should have no involvement, but private counseling and education should be encouraged at all times.


For life and liberty!

– Richard Castaldo

Grove, Oklahoma

Pastor/Libertarian Candidate for US Congress OK-CD2