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I am running to represent our Congressional District 2 of Oklahoma in the U.S. House of Representatives because I want to remind Washington D.C. that YOUR life matters. I have the principles and courage to stand up against the establishment of both the Democrats and Republicans. I will work tirelessly to restore YOUR individual freedoms to live, to love, and to worship (or not to worship) the way YOU choose. I have the support of Trump supporters and Obama supporters, conservatives and moderates, 2A activists and cannabis activists, and a wide spectrum of people who have decided not to fall for the tribalism.

Here’s a little more of my personal history: I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in December of 1981 and grew up in Grove, Oklahoma. I graduated from Grove Public High School in 2000 and Oklahoma Wesleyan University in 2010. I have traveled to several countries and across the U.S. in ministry both as a worship leader and as a missionary. I have worked in retail and customer service for years, including as a store manager for a local RadioShack. I am now a husband and dad, a street pastor with GrandLakeLife, and a political activist dedicated to serving people wherever I see the opportunity.

As a father of two toddlers and native Oklahoman I am concerned about our future as a society. We are all being crushed by the aggression of government and it continues to damage our educational opportunities, our criminal justice system, our economy, our healthcare… the daily living of everyday people. As a proud member of the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma I believe in a Constitutional government that values individual liberty. The other political parties are constantly arguing about which laws they want to burden you with, but that’s not us. We want our inherent rights to be respected and we want public servants with integrity because that is how freedom thrives.

Individual liberty is the foundation of the USA. I believe if the federal government is restrained by the Constitution WE the people will thrive. I believe in the power of capitalism, that free markets provide the best opportunities for all of society to succeed. My votes in Congress will be made available with detailed explanations of each and I will be transparent about every decision. My Republican and Democrat opponents will be owned by their political parties and lobbyists (as we have seen by our current Congressman), but I will be free to represent you as one of you and I will not be beholden to the Washington swamp.

If you are tired of the corruption, if you are tired of the power-struggle between Republican and Democrat politicians who think their lives matter more, and you are ready for Constitutional rights to be restored please send me to Congress!

I humbly ask for your support and your vote on November 6, 2018.

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Richard Castaldo for Congress 2018

PO Box 452591, Grove OK 74345

For life and liberty,

– Richard M. Castaldo (Libertarian)

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